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Kamakura Wedding new website completed

Micromeritics, an US company (HQ based in Atlanta),Japanese website completed

Massage Hakusan Chiryoin new website in Japanese design completed

Kudo Patent Office new website in Japanese design completed


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Japanese Website, translation

Japanese TranslationNeed to Attract Japanese Customers?

A website in Japanese is essential to get customers from Japan. Our study shows that more than 99% of the customers from Japan look at Japanese websites only, not English ones.

Website Translation

website translationNot translation, but localization

Let us localize your website in Japanese. We will translate and customize your website in order to satisfy Japanese cultural characteristics, regulatory requirements and business customs in Japan. See more

Website Maintenance


Not just one time translation, but continuous updates in Japanese

Website MaintenanceIn addition to the translation, we will maintain and update your Japanese website to keep up with your English site. See more

SEO in Japanese


Optimize your Japanese site in order to be found on Yahoo and Google in Japanese.

SEOLet us use our proven SEO techniques in Japanese to assure your your customers can find your Japanese website on search engines such as Yahoo and Google in Japanese. See more

*SEO=Search Engine Optimization

Website Design

Creating a new website? Let us make it for you at the lowest cost!

Website DesignWe will make your new website for a very cost effective price. The website can be either in English, Japanese, or both. See more




Let us assist you in developing your website; translation, customization, maintenance, SEO, localization... all in Japanese! We will do the best of the best for you!

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